Annual report 2019

The BRUGG GROUP’s incoming orders recorded positive growth of 4%. Thanks to an outstanding order situation at Netting Solutions, BRUGG ROPES achieved growth of 13%. “Quality before quantity!” is the slogan adopted by BRUGG PIPES, which stands for a 5 % fall in volume with better margins. The positive state of the markets and good positioning helped BRUGG PROCESS CONTROL achieve growth of 4%. The order situation for BRUGG CABLES is still difficult, incoming orders fell by 4%.
The BRUGG GROUP posted satisfactory sales growth of 7 % compared with the previous year (CHF 633 million, previous year CHF 593 million). Operating earnings were far better than in the previous year. The restructuring of BRUGG CABLES continues and is leading to an improvement in the income situation.

BRUGG PIPES achieved higher income. BRUGG ROPES is the motor, achieving a record year in which all business units contributed to this positive performance.

BRUGG PROCESS CONTROL could not break through the weak trend in sales in 2019, although income improved year-on-year. The average staff increased by 32 people in net terms to 1,910.

The increase is evidence of the BRUGG GROUP’s positive business development and also of shifts in the product mix. As part of the transformation project, BRUGG CABLES is cutting 36 full-time jobs, i.e. 56 jobs will be cut in Switzerland, while 20 will be created at foreign.