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Brugg Kabel AG Has a New Parent – Terna S.p.A. an Ideal Strategic Partner

Italian power utility Terna S.p.A., of Rome, signed an agreement on December 20, 2019, to acquire a majority interest in Brugg Kabel AG of Brugg, Switzerland. BRUGG GROUP AG has thus gained an ideal strategic partner for its cable business – a major, capable market player who will help shape and safeguard the future success of Brugg Kabel AG for the long term.

The share purchase agreement with Italian power utility Terna S.p.A. was signed shortly before Christmas. Terna will acquire the majority of Brugg Kabel AG, while BRUGG GROUP AG will retain a minority interest.

Terna, headquartered in Rome, is Europe’s largest power grid operator, with 4,300 employees and revenues of EUR 2.3 billion. It enjoys great success in operating high-voltage and extra-high-voltage grids in Italy, the rest of Europe, and a number of countries overseas. Terna will continue operating at the Swiss site, where it will invest at selected points and increase production volumes. Brugg is very pleased that it has now found a good, sustainable solution for its plant location in Switzerland.

The BRUGG Group will retain the Industry Cable Systems business unit and its Polish subsidiary. This business unit, well positioned in the future-oriented markets of renewable energy (wind power and e-mobility) and machine construction, will be reorganized as BRUGG eConnect AG. The BRUGG Group will likewise retain ownership of the plant facilities of Brugg Kabel AG; these will be transferred to Brugg Immobilien AG.

Brugg Kabel AG will now focus more sharply on three market segments:
• High Voltage Projects & Cables – Full service for all aspects of planning, delivery and maintenance of high-voltage and extra-high-voltage cable systems
• High Voltage Cable Accessories – High-quality accessories perfectly tailored to today’s high-voltage and extra-high-voltage power cables
• Low & Medium Voltage Cables and Accessories – First-class cables and a broad range of accessories for operating low and medium-voltage grids.

Brugg Kabel AG will especially concentrate on expanding its maintenance business, providing its clients in the power industry with efficient support in maintaining their systems. That work will be supplemented by the Brugg Cables Academy – a comprehensive range of options for further training provided by experienced instructors, comprising practical courses in all aspects of the installation and assembly of power cable accessories, along with courses on power cable theory.